Music Production

Producing all kinds of music is what we love doing, and this love for our profession will result in the best possible product for our clients.

Whether it is classical music, orchestral, theme park music, crossover pop, jazz, or even the production of a sample library... We help you find the ideal recording location, the best possible recording manner (click tracks, overdubbing, "live" recording situation), the most suitable equipment to achieve the desired sound, the most efficient way of planning sessions within a certain budget.

When it comes to mixing, we'll provide you with a top quality product of international level - no matter which is your release format: stereo, surround or immersive 3D - making sure you get exactly the sound you need, whilst making sure that the listener experiences the emotions you want to evoke through your music.


It has always been our intention to share experience and knowledge with other people, ensuring that the next generation of sound engineers, composers and musicians will find their own approach to our common passion. Almost 20 years of studio work in a major European music and post-production facility have helped to accumulate a treasure of know-how in all fields of music production, and we want young professionals to be able to get a share out of this treasure.

We organise workshops in different fields of our profession: film music seminars, film score recording/mixing workshops for composers and sound engineers, music mixing workshops in surround and immersive sound (Auro-3D), studio tours, film music history lessons, seminars on communication in recording situations.

Film Score Recording & Mixing

After having installed a professional film scoring workflow at Galaxy Studios, Belgium, and having perfected it over the last 10 years, we are experts in providing quality and efficiency during recording sessions. 

Time management during scoring sessions is everything, because time is money. We advise you in choosing the right recording studio, orchestra line-up, amount of recording sessions, the most suitable musicians for your score and anything you need to get the best result for your budget. We communicate in fluent English, French, Dutch and/or German, guaranteeing a smooth production process.

Score mixing is one of our passions, creativity meets musicality and love for details. With many years of experience in film score mixing for national and international movie productions, we are the perfect partner for those who need a top level product in a realistic time frame - efficiency is key, since again: time is money... 

Last but not least, being a Belgian company, all our services can be completely covered by the Belgian Tax Shelter system.

Music Supervision

Having graduated as a Tonmeister at the Robert Schumann Conservatoire in Düsseldorf, Germany, music supervisor Patrick Lemmens is highly trained to read scores and support musicians during their performance in the studio, be it sight-reading studio musicians or ensembles/soloists recording their own albums.

Being a skilled musician himself is essential to being able to assure the artistic supervision of a recording; the Tonmeister does not only hear imperfections in the playing, but also makes sure the musicians perform the music in the best possible way.

During recording sessions, we provide music supervision and artistic supervision not only to guarantee a faultless performance to the client, but making sure maximal musicality and sensation are achieved during the recordings.